About Us

At Leading Edge, we provide the best and most innovative service to owners and tenants in the Pacific Northwest.

With over 30 years of combined experience, the Leading Edge team is aligned with the same positive vision for excellence in service and support. Unlike many firms, we view tenants and owners as people – just like us – and we want the experience to be amazing for everyone involved.
Our values are honesty, transparency, quality, and integrity.

Meet Our Team

Stacey Salyer » Owner/Designated Broker
Picture of Stacey Salyer
Stacey Salyer grew up in Skagit Valley, attended Skagit Valley College, and spent most of her working life in Snohomish county. Over the past 15+ years, Stacey has managed and leased over 2000 properties in these communities, currently manages over $30 million in assets, and serves and enriches the lives of property owners and leasers daily. Stacey learned to serve well at a young age. After a rare blood disorder took her mother too soon from her family, at 16-years-old, Stacey became the head of the house’ and learned how to work hard and care for others. From managing retail stores at 19-years-old to rising to the top of local Real Estate and Property Management firms, Stacey has spent 15+ years in the Real Estate Rental and Property Management industries, managing single family and multi-family investment homes across WA State. She finally realized her passion for providing the best service to property owners in the Skagit and Snohomish counties by opening Leading Edge in 2016. Stacey’s accolades include winning the John Bustad Inspirational Rotarian Award (2015, 2016), the Star of Excellence and Rookie of the Year Rotary Awards (2014, 2015), she is the Past-President of Greater Snohomish County NARPM Chapter, Past-President of the WA State NARPM Chapter, 2018/2019 Ambassador for the NW Regional RVP – NARPM, is involved in the Mount Vernon Rotary Club, current member of the North Puget Sound of Realtors, and has the highest real estate license in the state of Washington. In her spare time, Stacey enjoys cheering for her children at their sporting events, advocating for proper education for children with dyslexia, baking delicious new recipes, traveling, hiking and kayaking through the outdoors of the PNW.
Gayle Acidera » Managing Broker/Property Manager
Picture of Jesus Sanchez
Gayle began her real estate career in 2010. With close to 10 years of experience in real estate, Gayle is the leader in the region for property management and sales. She has been involved with the National Association of Property Managers for several years and has held many positions on the Board of Directors- Greater Snohomish County Chapter. Most recently, Gayle has been the 2019 Chapter President, 2nd term. During her two different terms of Presidency, the Chapter has been awarded the prestigious "Chapter of Excellence" award. Gayle believes in managing with honesty and integrity at all times and brings this to every client and situation. In her free time her hobbies include quilting, reading and she has & chickens that are like family. Gayle and her husband also share a love of crabbing and salmon fishing.
Charity Javier » Administrative Assistant
Picture of Charity Javier
Charity specializes in administrative work. With over 6 years of combined experience in administration and document processing and management, she's an expert in everything related to handling documents and overall transaction coordination. She strongly believes in the value of excellence and makes sure she delivers nothing less. Charity has a great passion for learning and this fuels her drive for innovation and development. During her free time, she treasures the simple joys of spending quality time with her family while doing regular activities like watching movies, playing games, eating out, and traveling.
Erik Morris » Property Manager
Picture of Erik Morris
Erik was born and raised in Skagit Valley where he attended local schools and Skagit Valley College. He started his career as a chef, spending 13 years in Chicago, California, and Washington state. He then transitioned into construction while taking Washington State Real Estate courses. Since 2016, he has gained experience in real estate and property management. He really enjoys working with all different clients and specializes in working with investors. When he's not helping people find the next perfect home, you can find him outdoors, fly fishing, mountain biking, and hiking with his family.
Celese Thomson » Assistant Property Manager
Picture of Celese Thomson
Celese has worked with small businesses around Puget Sound for many years. She's taken on numerous roles as needed including business consulting, office management, property operations and maintenance, production, training, and events. She's excited to bring her can-do attitude to Leading Edge and values excellence, flexibility, and understanding.

Celese moved to Skagit Valley in 2019 and enjoys the outdoors, bird watching, and taking photos of wildlife.
Gabby Hawthorn » Administrative Assistant
Picture of Gabby
Gabby has 4 years of experience relating to the admin field which has taught her to be detail orientated and strive for perfection. Being very conscientious, she takes time and consideration when completing tasks or projects. Her mind is driven towards overall satisfaction and consistent results within her admin tasks. Being a studious person she spends free time with studies and learning something new or reading various books. If not spending time inside, then she is seeking a new nature reserve with views to explore.
Stefany » Customer Service Associate
Picture of Stefany
Stefany has years of experience in customer service and administration. Through this, she developed a better perception of what the customer needs, how to meet their expectations, and be able to represent the values of the company. Her organizational skills help her maintain order and have a fluid work rhythm. She is detail-oriented and patient both at work and at home. She is able to quickly adapt when things change to fulfill the work needed and attend to any situation. She believes that time management is important to deliver all assigned tasks promptly, knowing how to prioritize. For her, the phrase 'Teamwork makes the dream work' means the key to success is to learn how and when to rely on others. She enjoys being an administrative assistant because loves supporting the team and she never stops learning. During her free time, she enjoys reading or spending time outdoors exploring nature.
Juan Pablo Pardo » Maintenance Coordinator
Picture of Juan Pablo Pardo
Juan Pablo grew up in Mexico City, where he earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering from La Salle University. He has more than 10 years of experience in customer service, technical support and logistics & operations. He is committed to Quality: "We're not the only ones in the business (whatever the business is), so..., What is THE ONLY thing that can make us unique? The quality of the service we provide!"

He has worked for companies like Mattel, HP Enterprise Services, Bimbo Bakeries and HSBC. As member of La Salle Community, he was one of five Coordinators, responsible for route logistics of the 5th, and last, visit of Pope John Paul II to Mexico.

His life revolves around his family and his job, but when he has time to spare, he likes to watch football games on TV and as an avid reader of things strange and macabre, Dean Koonts and Stephen King will always be his favorite writers.