Resident Benefits Package

Resident Benefits Package

Included with ALL Leading Edge Property Management Residential Agreements is a Tenant Benefits Package. Below is a list and description of the benefits included in this package. The monthly cost for the Tenant Benefits Package varies based on service levels. It will be advertised specifically for each property and included in all Lease Agreements.

Convenient Key Box Move In

No need to come to our office to pick up keys. On the date of possession, obtain the key box code from us and go directly to the property for fast and easy access.

Convenient Move Out

No need to come to our office to drop off keys. Just leave the keys, remotes, etc. in the kitchen and place one key in the keybox left from move-in.

Moving Concierge Program

The moving concierge service is a third party company which assists Residents in activating utilities, internet, cable and alarm services with one simple phone call rather than individualized requests to specific companies. Companies such as ADT, Comcast and ATT are known to offer promotional programs and discounts. The Utility Concierge Program simplifies the process of transferring all services and utilities into the name of incoming Residents.

Click this link to learn more >> Free Utility Concierge Service

Online Portal Access

All your rent documents are stored in one convenient place, submit maintenance requests or have conversations with us. We even have a texting feature through our platform so you can text our office during business hours.

Click this link to log-in to the Resident Portal >> Resident Portal

Online Document Signing

No need to drive across the county to sign move-in documents, a new addendum, or renewal paperwork. Instead, our documents are delivered to your email via a secure portal using Docusign.

Epayment for Rent

Never pay late fees again with our easy access online portal where you can set up automatic payment of rent or manually control your rent payment electronically.

Click this link to make an online payment >> Pay Online

HVAC Filters

Most of our properties have separate heating systems that require you to cover the cost of heating and changing of the filters. We provide you with high quality furnace filters that are delivered right to your door every quarter. A well maintained system will help lower your heating and cooling costs. If you do not pay for the cost of heating or cooling, this will not apply.

Typed Move-in & Move-out Condition Documentation With Color Photos

New Residents can enjoy the convenience of moving in at their own time. A lockbox will be provided for the Resident to access on the lease start date. New Residents will also be able to complete a supplemental move-in report within 3 days of lease start using a provided service/app. While Leading Edge Property Management performs detailed move-in inspections, photos and/or video prior to Resident occupancies, this unique feature affords Residents the opportunity to provide additional documentation which supplements Leading Edge Property Management inspections.

24/7 Emergency Line

24/7 Emergency Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support. Residents can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns.

Pay to Stay Program

When it comes time to buy a home, buy ANY home on the MLS in Washington State through one of our preferred sales brokers at Weichert Realtors Edge Home Sales, and earn a $1000 credit towards your closing costs. Must be a resident with Leading Edge Property Management for at least 12-months and the account must be in good standing.

Rental Verification

When it comes time for you to buy, lenders will require verification of rent payments from previous places you lived. We are able to complete these reports for you so you can get on with buying your home when the time comes.

NSF Fee Waiver

We will grant a one-time waiver of an NSF fee one-time during the duration of your tenancy.

Late Pay Waiver

We will grant a one-time late fee during your tenancy if you are unable to pay rent on time. We just ask that you inform us before the due date and that the rent is paid by the 10th of that month and paid via secured funds.

Rental Insurance

$100,000 Limit for Resident’s legal liability for damage to Landlord’s real improved and personal property, including any fixtures, for no less than the following causes of loss: fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer, drain or sump, water damage (“Required Insurance”). 

If Tenant has an equal and/or better Renters Insurance/Liability Policy and lists the Landlord as an Interested Party, Tenant may opt out of this portion of the Resident Benefit Package.  Landlord will modify the monthly price of the RBP to $33.00 as long as Landlord has received information regarding the tenants policy and it matches or exceeds what is offered in this package.  If at any time the Landlord receives a cancellation notice regarding Tenants outside purchase liability policy, Landlord will enter Tenant into the Master Insurance Policy purchased by Landlord and modify the RBP price to $45.00 per month.  

____  Opt in to Master Renters Insurance - RBP total $45.00 per month

____  Opt out of Master Renters Insurance- add Leading Edge Property Management and Real Estate, LLC as interested party and ensure coverage is equal or exceeds the Master Policy- RBP total is $33.00 per month


If a tenant chooses to Opt-Out of any of the Leading Edge Property Management benefits listed above, the tenant shall still be responsible for paying the monthly cost for the Resident Benefit Package as provided in the Residential Lease Agreement section.